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News France

09 Nov 2021

For pressure-free measurements, choose the CA 1550 logger micromanometer.

05 Nov 2021

Measure insulation without worrying with these new accessories. The leads with HV crocodile clips have an optimized shape allowing perfect contact when connecting to objects with different geometrical forms.

03 May 2021

Waterproof, IP65, lightweight and pocket format: the pH pen specially for the agri-food sector

09 Feb 2021

Indoor Air Quality is a health priority in schools and public buildings. The CA 1510 ambient air analyser provides 3 essential measurements: CO2, humidity and temperature. The all-in-one instrument for a healthy environment.

21 Jan 2021

Measuring instruments; metrology and low-temperature sensors… the Chauvin Arnoux Group is proposing a complementary offer to handle the health prevention challenges now and in the future.